JMR (Jean Marie Reynaud) is a french brand producing middle end to high end speakers (up to 15.000€ for some of them).
The speaker I am currently using is a pair of X.O. II. I have found them in poor condition, but no modification were made. For a cheap price I bought really good quality speakers. At the beginning, it was hard to get used to a new accuracy : I almost re-discovered my whole CD collection !
coming soon : technicals facts, details, …
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One of the last series of the best receivers made by Luxman in the late 70s.
This Luxman R-1040 is the first receiver with LED vu-meters ; its luxurious woodcase is showing we are dealing with a quality product. It’s worth 14 kg, and its size is quite impressive. We may regret a real glass, black metal instead of plastic, and more serious speaker plugs. 
The 2*40 Watts of the R-1040 are enough for a quite large room. The sound is soft and warm, but dynamic. Music is detailed and it’s a real pleasure to listen at !
I have found this receiver via internet ; it came from Germany, in mint conditions. I changed the electrolytic capacitors of the pre-amplifier and amplifier board. The result is amazing. It is driving two JMR vintage speakers and it’s impressive : bass are strong and details are clear. I’m going to change the two 10000ùF for industrial quality BC Component in a few months. I hope this investment (around 50€) will improve further the result.
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